Robert Dennis, real estate investor, dad, & entrepreneur joins us to share his journey into becoming a full time real estate investor (the ups and...View Details

This episode explores the ins and outs of being a new real estate agent. Tune in as Terica and I chat with our mentor, Stephen Wiley, as he hosts toda...View Details

Topic: Building a Business as a Power Couple ft. Clarence & Ebony Graham of Graham Group Real Estate

The Privilege Mindset

Thanks for tuning into the So Lux Life Podcast where our mission is to enhance the mental, physical, and spiritual luxuries in life. Join Krispin for ...View Details

Ep. 59: Cracking the "Wife Code" ft. Ashely Brown -   *Watch the livestream recording HERE!*  

Thank you to tonight's sponsor, Glasshouse of Beauty...View Details

Dating/Marriage as a single parent - Has your mindset changed about dating since becoming a parent?                     - Share your dating experience...View Details

Listen in as sexual abuse survivor, Tanisha Bankston, shares her story of overcoming abuse and using her pain to help other victims. 

Listen in as Author, CiCora Leigh walks us through her first publication "The Repairer of the Breach".

Guest Liz Williams shares her experience of overcoming mental abuse from the father of her kids to opening a business and quitting her corporate job. 

Dr. Antoinette Liles from OWN Network's "Belle Collective" shares her story on how she grew up, to how she became a dentist. 

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